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June 2018

Silver Creek Restoration

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On October 8th,  Hemingway TU volunteers gathered at Silver Creek Preserve to partner with The Nature Conservancy  planting native plants of various sizes to help protect and restore areas of the preserve. Dayna Gross the Preserve Manager oversaw the plantings and lunch was provided for all the workers.  It was a rewarding day for all the participants.  Their will be more opportunities for planting and stream restoration in the future. Dave Spaulding, our Project chair coordinated and participated in this restoration effort.


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When: 1st Thursday of the month: Unless otherwise noted by **!!

Time: 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Where: Whiskey Jacques 521 Main St, Ketchumn, ID

Guest speakers present local and global fishing opportunities, discuss tactics and stewardship practices

Learn about opportunities to participate in local projects and conservation efforts.


This Months Program: Thursday, Feb 7, 2019

Topic: Upper Big Lost Basin, including Copper Basin, Fishery Update

Presenter: Jon Flinders Regional Fisheries Biologist,

Bart Gamett, Fish Biologist USFS

Pat Moore, Hatchery Manager, Mackay Fish Hatchery

Ecosystems are complex and management of those systems is equally complex with the varied use interests of a specific area. This months meeting will focus on the status and health of the trout fisheries in the Upper Big Lost River basin including the Copper basin.

An incredible geologic area, with diverse habitat, these unique basins are comprised of, many different rivers, streams and lakes which are prized among anglers. In these water you can find Rainbow, Cutthroat, Golden and Brook trout (which are actually a Char not a trout), Grayling, and the only native fish to the area a unique strain of Mountain White Fish.

There are many resource use challenges which impact the health of fisheries and fish in this wild area, which is managed by both USFS, BLM and IDFG along with some interspersed private lands. Uses include, grazing, mining, off road vehicle use, ranching, outfitters, equestrian use, camping, hunting, hiking, and of course angling which will be the focus of the conversation at this program. Another issue, which may be having a significant impact, is climate change. While this may not be controlled, management practices can help offset changing impacts, which are certain to increase and impact fisheries in the future.

If you talk with old timers, they will tell you stories of how great the fishing was back in the day. However, one does not have to look too far in the past to see a decline in the fisheries, in these basins, only a couple of decades. Which generates the question, what is the reason for the decline in in fishing, in so short a time? Is there a single issue or event or is there a much more complex aggregate of issues which has resulted in the negative impacts?

We are fortunate to have three professionals with different specialties come to speak with us concerning these issues. Jon Flinders, Regional Fisheries Manager, IDFG, Bart Gamett, Fish Biologist and USFS Pat Moore, Hatchery Manager, Mackay Fish Hatchery. Two years ago Bart Gammet  spoke to us about many of the issues impacting the fisheries and the basins in general. Many questions were raised and discussed that evening along with a promise to return with the results of some studies and surveys which were in process at the time of the meeting.   Pat Moore will join us as well to speak to the hatchery program and how it impacts the fishery in these basins.

This is certain to be an educational and engaging evening. Don’t miss it.

Admission is free, all are welcome


Program Calendar 2018-2019

September (no meeting)


Thursday, October 4         5:00-7:00 PM

Scott Lake, Idaho Director, Western Watersheds Project

“The Effects of Cattle Grazing on Our Fragile Watersheds”


Thursday, November 1   5:00-7:00 PM

Chad Chorney, professional fishing guide and photographer

“Let’s Take an Amazing Photo”


**Wednesday , December 5     5:00-7:00 PM

Kevin Lewis, Director, Idaho Rivers United

The Effects of Dam Removal on Salmon and Steelhead Recovery”


Thursday, January 3        5:00-7:00 PM

Keri York, Trout Unlimited, Big Wood River Project Manager

“Update: Big Wood Initiative”


Thursday, February 7       5:00-7:00 PM

Dan Garren, Regional Fisheries Manager, IDFG

Pat Moore, Hatchery Manager, Mackay Fish Hatchery

Bart Gamett, Fish Biologist, USFS

Copper Basin: Survey Results and Plan for the Future”


Thursday, March 7           5:00-7:00 PM

Jeff Burley, Director of Adaptive Sports, Higher Ground

“Take a Veteran Fishing”

Greg Loomis, Executive Director, Silver Creek Alliance

“News from Silver Creek”


Thursday, April 4            5:00-7:00 PM

Larry “the legend” Larsen, Owner, Snake River Fly, Pocatello

Dave Raisch, professional fishing guide, Snake River Fly

“Secrets of South Fork of the Snake Revealed”


Thursday, May 7            5:00-7:00 PM

Alan Byrne, Anadromous Fish Manager, Idaho Fish and Game

“The status of Steelhead Runs in Idaho”