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Upper Big Lost Project- East Fork

Hemingway TU Partner with TU’s Idaho Water Project  to harvest Grow and Plant 750 willows on the Upper Big Lost River.   This part of the Project is completed and appears to have a high survival of willows.  Small log barriers were also removed to allow Trout to migrate and return habitat back to its natural state.  This part of the project was completed in 2008.  2011 will see a fencing of the area to protect it from Cattle.

Penny Lake Fishing Platform

A fishing platform for Special needs persons and youths was built at Penny Lake on Warm Springs. This platform provides improved fishing access, and protecting the stream banks from erosion. It is rewarding to see how much this platform is used and enjoyed. This project was done in partnership with Trout Unlimited, SV Higher Ground, USFS  and Brian Poster Construction.

This platform project was completed 2009 however additional access paths and habitat improvement may be a future project.