Conservation is the Protect, Reconnect and Restore part of TU’s Mission. The Hemingway Chapter partners with Individuals, Businesses, Non Profits and Government agencies to accomplish its missions.


Projects are how we positively impact our local cold water fisheries and are a way for TU members to be involved.  There is nothing quite as fulfilling as working on a meaningful project with others, knowing you have helped make a difference.  Projects and Conservation opportunities vary in size, purpose and scope, from access to fish rescues to stream restoration.  Come Join us on the next project many of these only involve the time commitment of an afternoon or day.

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Taking care of Idaho Steelhead

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By Chris Wood The first time you snorkel a stream, the size of the bugs are disarming. Stoneflies tumbling down the stream look like aquatic dragons bent on taking off…

Past Projects

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    Upper Big Lost Project- East Fork Hemingway TU Partner with TU's Idaho Water Project  to harvest Grow and Plant 750 willows on the Upper Big Lost River.   This…

Continuing Projects

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 Box Car Bend Clean-up & Maintenance: Every Spring usually in May The Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited  has been partnering with The Wood River Land Trust since 2006 on this…

Fish Rescue

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Every year thousands of Trout and other species of fish which live in the Big Wood River migrate into irrigation diversions and canals never to return to the river. At…

Silver Creek Restoration

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  On October 8th,  Hemingway TU volunteers gathered at Silver Creek Preserve to partner with The Nature Conservancy  planting native plants of various sizes to help protect and restore areas…

Present Projects

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Big Wood River Below Magic Trout Unlimited in partnership with the Wood River Land Trust have are working on a solution to the problem of maintain year round water flows…