Continuing Projects

 Box Car Bend Clean-up & Maintenance:

Every Spring usually in May

The Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited  has been partnering with The Wood River Land Trust since 2006 on this annual project. Each year we provide maintenance to the accesses and trails at Box Car Bend on the Big Wood River. 

 Participants of all ages helped  pull invasive weeds, clean trails from overgrowth and crab grass, put down wood chips on the trails and do maintenance to erosion control barriers.
A few hours of hard work are followed up by a BBQ Lunch and Snacks.    
Volunteers should bring  Clothing: Hats, Sun Glassess, and Work Gloves,
Tools to bring: Garden Rakes, Scoop Shovels, hoe, Wheel Barrel

Contact for this project is  Carmen Northen at flyfishngirl@cox


Fishing Access Maintenance:

One of the ongoing projects the Hemingway Chapter is involved in, is Access to the Big Wood River.  In 2011 we posted fishing regulation and access signs in English and Spanish on almost all of the Big Wood river accesses. We continue to maintain the accesses clearing them of overgrowth and making them visible.  This year we will again provide maintenance to these accesses and ensure regulation and access signs are posted.  Usually the project is done by 4 to 6 people over several days. We will be sending out notices of the dates for this project,  once we have them established. You can participate in one day or all of them.



Lake Creek Project


Lake Creek Lake sits in a beautiful setting and is one of the places families in the community gather to teach their children about fishing.  There is little stream habitat below the lake  which fish can hold and survive.  This project will enhance the stream to provide better habitat for trout to live in.

Volunteers and Staff from TU and the US Forest Service performed a stream enhancement project on Lake Creek this October.  The enhancement  consisted of adding large woody debris in-stream to add fish habitat and assist with stream hydraulics.  Volunteers moved log sections, secure them in-stream, and perform additional riparian enhancement work in 2014.  In 2015 phase 2, over three days   Volunteers planted a variety of stream side vegetation that will provide, shade, habitat and stream side stabilization to the habitat.  Lots of digging through rocky soils presented a challenge but the volunteers were undaunted.

Future restoration of this area may continue in the future.  We will evaluate and the impact of work completed in a few years to see if more restoration is viable.

ERC Clean Sweep

Each spring since 2017 the Hemingway chapter supports and participates with a team in the ERC “clean sweep” of the Wood River valley.  Volunteers join together and clean up the river and banks along the Big Wood River at River Run access up and down stream.   We have found and remove a chase lounge , burnt up guitar, a muffler system lots of beverage bottles and cans, road cones and general debris.  Our Team has won the best spirit award and most unusual find awards given out.  This is a fun event and accomplishes our goal of protecting our rivers.